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Cosmetic dermal fillers restore lost volume, plumping lips, diminishing wrinkles, and smoothing facial contours – typically with immediate results. Sculptra is different.

Are you are the type of person who might benefit from the lift that dermal fillers deliver – the boost in self-confidence from knowing you look great? But you don't want the change to be dramatic. You'd rather hear others say, "Wow, you look terrific," than "Did you have work done?" If so, the gradual, discreet rejuvenation of Sculptra could be perfect for you!

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Sculptra is ideal for cheek augmentation, "parenthesis" around the nose and mouth, at the jaw line, hollows in temples and cheeks, and acne scar correction. It is not an appropriate filler for lips, or creasing and hollowing under the eyes because of risk of nodule formation. We offer a variety of other solutions for those concerns. Sculptra is really good for restoring a natural look – volume with soft, rounded contours, and definition along jaw line without "jowling." Our doctors know just the right amount to use for safe correction in women and men of all ages.

The primary component of Sculptra is poly-L-lactic acid. It is biocompatible – safe for use within the body. In fact, poly-L-lactic acid has been used for more than 50 years in the manufacture of dissolving sutures and medical implants. It is FDA-approved and has been in use cosmetically as a facial injectable since 1999.

Facial rejuvenation with Sculptra involves a series of injections – the patient must be committed to having three or four treatments, usually five to six weeks apart, for optimal results. Its poly-L-lactic formulation stimulates body to produce natural collagen in skin, so you'll see improvement of 16 to 20 percent from first session, gradually increasing. Once treatments are completed, you may expect the amazing results to last two years or more!

With other injectable fillers, patients are not instructed to do facial massage. However, with Sculptra it is important that you remember to gently massage your face five times a day, for five minutes each time, for the first five days after a treatment. This therapy disperses the particles so that they are evenly distributed throughout the skin. It also stimulates blood flow and circulation to jumpstart collagen production.

Your face didn't develop its character overnight. Restoring a natural, younger, refreshed look doesn't have to happen suddenly, either. For a subtle, gradual transformation that is very long-lasting, contact Peachtree Dermatology for a Sculptra consultation.


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