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Radiesse is a cosmetic volumizing filler that delivers immediate results and stimulates the body's natural formation of collagen in the skin for long-lasting rejuvenation. It is formulated with minute microspheres of calcium hydroxyapatite suspended in a water-based gel. Those microspheres are similar to minerals naturally found in our bodies which provide strength to bones. It is FDA-approved, safe, and non-toxic.

Is Radiesse Right for Me?

Radiesse is popular with women and men in their late 30s and beyond because this cosmetic filler does a terrific job of smoothing deep creases around the mouth, hollows that form under eyes, and firming the jawline. It provides the volume necessary to create cheekbone structure as good support for overlying skin. That structure gives lift to the skin and allows it to drape beautifully over its new foundation. Patients who need additional correction may benefit from multiple treatment sessions.

Real Patient Results

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What Can I Expect?

Radiesse injections are a simple in-office procedure. The product may be infused with lidocaine for a more comfortable experience, and we take extra steps to ensure pain-free treatment. Peachtree Dermatology offers a wide arsenal of tools to fight the aging process. Radiesse works well in conjunction with other dermal fillers and BOTOX® Cosmetic. We will customize a treatment plan to address your specific concerns, artistically choosing the right product for each area of your face.

How Will I Look?

You'll see results right away as the Radiesse compound immediately restores volume and smoothes facial contours. Then, it is gradually absorbed while simultaneously stimulating your body to produce additional collagen in the skin. Because of this dual action, Radiesse results last up to a year! Smoking accelerates the breakdown of fillers so, for this and general health reasons, we encourage patients to stop smoking. Natural animation also dissipates the product, so it will last longer in areas with less movement (cheeks and temples) than around the mouth.

Radiesse, alone or as a complement to other procedures, brings back a more youthful appearance. You can rely on the experience and expertise of our professional team of aesthetic dermatologists for a natural, refreshed look – never tight, artificial, or overdone. Contact Peachtree Dermatology today for a consultation.


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