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Few aesthetic products have made an impact that can compare to wrinkle smoothing injectables like Dysport and BOTOX. In Atlanta, BOTOX and its cousin, Dysport, have given our patients the subtly refreshed results they want without surgery or downtime. Proven safety and beautiful, predictable results have made these injections the most popular aesthetic treatment in the country.

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How Do They Work?

BOTOX Cosmetic and Dysport are both part of a class of drugs called neurotoxins. These products are different from injectable fillers such as JUVÉDERM® because, rather than adding volume to wrinkles, they temporarily relax the muscles that cause them. BOTOX and Dysport are FDA-approved products that can be administered on their own or as wonderful complements to fillers, Ultherapy® skin tightening treatments, or other cosmetic dermatology services.

Although BOTOX and other neuromodulators all work in the same way, each of these products is formulated differently, making them appropriate for different uses and different patients. BOTOX is especially well-suited for treating:

  • Vertical creases between the eyebrows (glabellar lines)
  • Horizontal forehead furrows
  • Crow's feet at the outer corners of the eyes

During your consultation, one of our board-certified dermatologists carefully assesses your specific concerns and makes recommendations for the products that are likely to give you the best result.

What Can I Expect?

Treatment with BOTOX Cosmetic or Dysport is typically a brief appointment that lasts less than 20 minutes. Your practitioner begins by cleansing your face. He or she may also mark the areas to be treated to ensure accuracy. Your practitioner injects the product using a very fine needle, and most patients say the sensation is comparable to that of a small insect bite.

Following your appointment, you can return to your regular activities immediately. A cold compress is often helpful for residual soreness or swelling. You may also experience redness or bruising that can be easily covered with makeup. These symptoms are rare and typically resolve themselves within a few days.


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How Will I Look?

Unlike dermal fillers, the results of BOTOX and Dysport aren't immediately visible. Instead, they develop gradually, with full results typically appearing around day 10. You'll notice a reduction in your treated wrinkles and a subtle smoothness that lends a refreshed look to your entire face.

Results typically last around 3 to 4 months, but many people find that regular treatments produce a prolonged effect. Once you begin to see your wrinkles reappear, you may schedule a touch-up appointment to refresh your results.

Our board-certified dermatologists and physician assistants have extensive experience working with these products – with a proven track record of soft, natural-looking results. Their keen understanding of facial anatomy and their conservative, artistic approaches yield noticeable results that are never overdone. These products offer quick, affordable, non-surgical options for both men and women bothered by some of the most common signs of aging.

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