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Clear, healthy skin is one of the cornerstones of looking and feeling your best. Although a good at-home skincare regimen has numerous benefits, it can't stop the aging process or undo past damage. The team of Atlanta-based dermatology professionals at Peachtree Dermatology Associates is ready to help you achieve and maintain a beautiful complexion with their cache of services and techniques that can help slow aging and repair damage.

To learn more about the cosmetic dermatology services available to you, request a consultation online with a board-certified dermatologist in Atlanta at Peachtree Dermatology Associates. You can also give us a call at (404) 355-1919 to schedule your appointment.

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Our physicians offer a variety of cosmetic services in addition to medical skin care. Our clinicians are trained in services which refine skin, including:

These options come in a variety of intensities, from gentle treatments to more aggressive procedures. They can refine skin's texture, even tone, and lessen fine lines as fresh, new skin emerges. We'll advise you on the best methods to treat your concerns on a schedule that fits your lifestyle.

In addition to changes to skin's texture, the passage of time can leave you looking tired, drawn, and even grumpy. We offer a full line of injectable treatments to soften fine lines, fill hollow or flattened areas, and smooth troublesome wrinkles. These products include:

For other cosmetic concerns which require professional intervention, we offer options including


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After your in-office treatment, extend your results at home with our complete variety of skincare products, beloved by our staff and patients alike.

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Richard L. Sturm, M.D., Sylvia W. Wright, M.D., and Christine M. Law, M.D. are all board-certified dermatologists, each with his or her own unique talents and specialties. Our patients at Peachtree Dermatology Associates in Atlanta benefit from their combined expertise.

Christine M. Law, M.D.Richard L. Sturm, M.D.Sylvia W. Wright, M.D.

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