• Dear Richard, ...I write because of how much I enjoy visiting with you and your staff each year….my worries are most often alleviated by your sincere greeting and your trusty inspection of my skin. How those sweet young ladies ever withstand our honest bantering I'll never understand, but it's simply great fun being with you and having them around. Please tell them for me….Tell your wife that I think you're a truly great guy and if she ever needs to hear it from me, she can call!
    All the best!
    ~ Mary C.
  • I really can't say enough about this practice. EVERYONE is so nice and good at what they do. I've seen both PA's and most of the MD's there. One of the things that I love, is they really try to prescribe the best medications, but yet give you crazy good coupons to make them cheap! It's easy to get an appointment, the cosmetic people are really good as well. It's a bit of a drive from my midtown abode, but it's well worth it!
    ~ Jason W.
  • I went here for my imperfect skin!
    Doctor Sylvia Wright is the doctor from heaven with angels set around her to know what crème fits best with what type of skin tone. Not only did she get rid of my blemishes around my neck / chin areas with this crème and face wash...(yes, yes, I have blemishes people)! Lol... the wash even the tone on my chest areas as well...I'm still using the products but I see a huge different in my skin...
    ~ Tracy W.
  • Outstanding, Great for ethnic skin types, innovative products and treatments for skin, hair and nails! Peachtree Dermatology Associates is great.
    ~ Veronica W.
  • Love Peachtree Dermatology! I never have to wait here and they are so quick and friendly. I came here for a full body check since I had recently heard of two of my friends who had melanoma and wanted to just be safe. Dr. Law did an amazing job (and like valerie n. mentions below, she does a scalp check too). I've come here before for diagnosis of PUPPS (pregnancy / postpartum stuff) and they have been wonderful too. Never had any issues with billing and the practice is located in such a cute little area.
    ~ Phoebe T.
  • Really liked Dr. Wright... I didn't feel rushed, she answered questions and explained my medical concerns very well. The wait time was a bit long, however it's understandable if the Dr. is taking time with each patient and not trying to rush them in and out.
    ~ Rosalyn G.
  • Dr. Wright is the absolute best! I had a melanoma which required further surgical excision. Her technique is flawless, and bedside manner is perfection! She took time to answer, explain, .... the details of melanoma. She also came in on her day off to get this surgical procedure done so that it could be done quickly after diagnosis. My husband and I both go to her and we both cannot say enough wonderful things about her and her assistants.
    ~ Lois J.
  • I would not trust anyone else than Dr. Wright with my face for any type of fillers or Botox/Dysport. She is very thorough and gentle and she does an excellent job. Also, her assistants are very kind and professional as well
    ~ Leslie K.
  • Dr. Wright met me with a very warm and friendly smile. She appeared extremely confident, which gave me a feeling of trust. Her knowledge of my issues helped me to have an impressive visit. Even though this was my first visit, she made me feel like I was her mother, and treated me with personal care. I so appreciated the care she put into my visit. She didn't appear rushed, just attentive and caring. I am certainly glad someone recommended her to me. She definitely lived up to the recommendation I was given.
    ~ Yvonne E.
  • She was great. Cleared my acne right up!
    ~ Heather G.
  • Dr. Wright and her staff are amazing. I was greeted with a smile at the front desk. The dental assistant made sure to get every detail of all my skin ailments. She even took a picture of me for my file with an iPad. I like that the office is technologically savvy. Dr. Wright then came in and answered all of my questions and even laughed at my silly jokes during the exam. Her bedside demeanor relieved all of my anxiety about going to the dermatologist and having them look at my skin issues.
    ~ Vashti B.
  • I had a good experience at PDA. I am leaving my former dermatologist because I found him to be rude and dismissive. As a fair skinned, skin cancer candidate, a good dermatologist that does a FULL body check (scalp included!) is a rare find. I found the PA that checked me in to be super nice and attentive. I was paired with Dr. Law and both my husband and I found her to be thorough. She really listened to both of us and gave us excellent recommendations on next steps for our issues.
    ~ Valerie N.
  • Just had a full skin check from Dr. Law who was recommended by my neighbor. I had been seeing derms for years now since I have had a few skin cancers in the past. Let me just say that I have never had such a thorough exam!! She looked me over from head to toe. She was also very friendly and professional and answered all my questions and concerns. As a bonus, she prescribed medications that were cost-effective and provided me with samples. Her nursing staff were also courteous and exceptional. I enjoyed my experience so much that I am sending my husband and children in to see her, too.
    ~ J.S.
  • Dr. Law and staff, are rock stars. Each and every staff member, even the parking lot attendant were pleasant. Dr. Law was very attentive and professional. She explained everything in layman’s understandable terms. Great bedside manner!
    ~ Sharon R.
  • I'm a melanoma patient and see her several times a year for a full body check. I trust her 100% with looking over everything and weeding out the normal moles from the ones we should watch or biopsy. She has great bedside manner and an excellent team.
    ~ Brittany R.
  • Christine Law was very professional, spoke well and very helpful. From the time I walked in to the time I left I felt like I have been coming here for years. Everyone was very helpful. I will be back!
    ~ Thomas M.
  • I have been a patient of Dr. Law for 2-3 years. She is the model of people skills all doctors should possess. When you are there you are her only concern, never in a rush, the appointment is over when I think all my issues have been resolved.
    ~ Michael K.
  • Great visit as usual. Dr. Law has the best bedside manner and is so good about making sure all of her patient’s questions are answered. In addition, the office staff was super friendly and I only had to wait about five minutes before being seen.
    ~ Jessica R.
  • Dr. Sturm is an excellent physician and always explains what he is going to do and what to expect.
    ~ Brian G.
  • I always enjoy my appointments with Dr. Sturm, he always asks how I am doing in my personal and professional life. Genuine care for patients.
    ~ Jennifer H.
  • Dr. Sturm is fantastic doctor. I drive over 80 miles just to see him.
    ~ Margaret B.
  • He related very well to my teenaged son and made a big effort to communicate with him. I’m grateful.
    ~ Paul J.
  • Always takes the time to explain everything and treats me like I’m the only patient of the day!
    ~ Karen W.
  • Dr. Sturm always makes time to answer your questions and makes sure you are comfortable with the procedures and his explanations.
    ~ Bill K.
  • Dr. Sturm does Botox great! Just the right amount every time.
    ~ Susan P.
  • I had fillers with Dr. Sturm and the results are amazing.
    ~ Angela M.
  • I have gotten triple the amount of positive results in just 4 months than I did with a prior dermatologist in one year!
    ~ Maureen K.
  • Having been a patient of Dr. Sturm’s for years he’s Atlanta’s best!
    ~ George B.
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Richard L. Sturm, M.D., Sylvia W. Wright, M.D., and Christine M. Law, M.D. are all board-certified dermatologists, each with his or her own unique talents and specialties. Our patients at Peachtree Dermatology Associates in Atlanta benefit from their combined expertise.

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