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At our Atlanta dermatology practice, the physicians and staff are some of the most respected skincare professionals in the region, and we believe everyone deserves healthy, beautiful skin. From managing chronic conditions to refining your complexion, let Peachtree Dermatology Associates be your source for optimal skin. We treat all ages, from newborns to patients 99+ years young.

To learn more about our practice, request a consultation online with Peachtree Dermatology Associates today, or give us a call at (404) 355-1919 to schedule your appointment. We are accepting new patients and would love to welcome you to our practice.

Please visit the following pages to find out more about what sets Peachtree Dermatology Associates apart from other practices.

Why Choose Us

You have several options when looking for a dermatology practice in Atlanta. What sets Peachtree Dermatology Associates apart are the unique skills each of our board-certified dermatologists offers and our ability to provide advanced skin care for both medical and cosmetic concerns.

A Team Approach

Our dermatologists work with each other, and with our highly qualified physician assistants and aesthetic specialists, to provide a comprehensive skincare plan for each of our patients. This collaborative approach ensures the women and men who choose Peachtree Dermatology Associates have their needs met by an experienced provider who specializes in the appropriate treatment or treatments.

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Meet Our Dermatologists

Richard L. Sturm, M.D., Sylvia W. Wright, M.D., and Christine M. Law, M.D. are all board-certified dermatologists, each with his or her own unique talents and specialties. Our patients at Peachtree Dermatology Associates in Atlanta benefit from their combined expertise.

Christine M. Law, M.D.Richard L. Sturm, M.D.Sylvia W. Wright, M.D.

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